Our Process


Ideas, meetings, phone calls, emails, budgeting, scripting, shot lists, call sheets, casting, hire key department heads/crew, equipment rentals, storyboarding, shooting schedule, location scout and gear prep.Yes, it’s a lot, but we do the most because we care. Pre-Production is more than half the project! Tackle this right and the project will go smoothly.


On the day (or days) of production, there are a lot of moving parts and things may seem hectic. But! With all our pre-production things will be running smoothly. We can provide the following departments for your production needs:ProductionCameraSoundGripElectricArtWardrobePost Production


Post Production takes up a large chunk of time. DIT, editing, color grading, sound engineering, revisions and export time. This all sums up 2/3rd’s of the project, but we strive to accomplish this side as soon as possible.


Once the story is ready to broadcast to your audience, there are many different mediums we have to export the project files. Mediums such as, Instagram posts, Instagram stories, Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo, master files, or even hard copies if you choose to have them exported to a hard drive of your choosing for delivery by mail or by hand if you are local.

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